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the what knots... [May. 8th, 2006|08:10 am]
saturday was the trial-show at our apartment (the mary cogswell preservation society)

freezerghost played, then st. jude played, then dreamend played until the pa caught fire, then we drank oldstyle and read poems and hugged and laughed and such... i havent slept since getting here from asheville - but i am gonna catch a powernap in a minute here -- i'm in CL and did some crazy shit last night, but i attribute the involuntary walking out into the woods to my lackofsleep. back to the show:

it was a success - everyone had a good time, it was an all ages and free show, there were costumes and candy and decorations and paintings and all... our friend nick from detroit really liked kenny and dan's musics (as did i) and that is what cheap indie-rock shows are for: some people may not dig the music, or just want to fight or fuck, but there is always a good connection or two made.

my only complaint with the show was the keg. ryan got it without telling me and i know folks there enjoyed it, but he got it out of social preasure -- he didnt want there to be people standing around bored, thinking that our venu was lame... but i would rather have someone be like "Fuck! i dont know anyone here and i dont like cheap interesting art and music... ima leave and go get drunk," as opposed to "Fuck! i dont know anyone here and i dont like cheap interesting art and music, BUT there is a fucking keg here and i will just grab a cup from the garbage and then start yelling at someone for doing something..."

all in all: beer is dumb, wine is cool. art is dumb, music is ok. friends are allright.

we are hopefully hosting the octopus project here on the 23rd, ill keep ya'll posted...
oh wait! no one really cares. you want proof:

From: enjoyyourday
2006-05-08 03:42 pm (UTC)
Let us keep opening up for you guys until I am successful in breaking your drum heads.
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