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[May. 24th, 2006|01:00 am]
hi, how are you?

i am doing very well here in asheville.

rachael, liz, chandler and i drove here monday and have been spending our time wisely - pacing the insanity that boundless nature, women and their hidden fruits within, and delicious freedom can bring.

waterfalls, decapitated snake, breakfast, sex, naps in the sun, apples to apples, ultima online, magic the gathering, marijuana, acid, dharma bummin' around...

i have a prior engagement for this fall, but until then i shall retain this radiance and lay low -- me no like no niceguy (cop)!

i quit candy
i am quitting buddha after a gram or two which will fuel a closing ceremony
i quit stealing (even from corporations from whom i was truley just taking things from, as to steal something is to covet it - and to take something is to "borrow it" and make better use of it by creating life or art or both...)

i will be living in pisgah national forest this coming week

then i will be living in richmond hills as they have began breaking ground to build this monsterous machine that will eat up many trees. i shall protest and make casettes with my field recording gear, my mandolin, and my hammock...

i need to sell some poems tomorrow so i have money to eat. i have about $twenty to my name -- and i have no busfare or ride from here to anywhere -- needless to say... i am ecstatic! free from some social toils and civil duties and daily upkeep of posessions, routine!

i fear i may end up in jail sometime soon - but im working on a plan for that consequence... should it arise.

[User Picture]From: bradsmith1979
2006-05-24 10:37 am (UTC)
I'm really enjoying your entries Mike, they never fail to make me laugh out loud (lol that is).
Each one you're in a completely different place - Chicago, Mexico, Richmond Hills.. - you must be spending a pretty good amount of your time on the road too, eh.
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