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a safe trip [Jun. 12th, 2006|09:53 am]
hi, how are you?

i am in chicagolake.

a giant, lean dog- traditionally used for a degrading entertainment who goes by gambling- deposited me downtown this morn, last. it was 6 am, it was raining, and i was anxious to tell my friends of my journeys in asheville and thereabout.

pete sat and half-played guitar while i redecorated his living room, drank 5 cups of tea, did my yoga, and then began rapping to april anent my frustration with chandler and his snoozing. at noon i left -- had to make more of the day. which brings me to my first point:

i am so fucking sober...

david sedaris believes that smoking cigarettes was an activity created FOR him. prior to puffing, he would lick lightswitches, count everyone of his steps, and exhibit various other OCD/ADD behavoirs. then he found salvation in nicotine -- the pacing of smoking, the tension and the release, the cool-down... he fucking loved smoking.

i believe that smoking weed is an activity created FOR me. as all of you know -- i have basically been stoned for the past 4 years of my life. now i am not stoned... and i have been extremely efficient and anal. i am mister OCD, and i am too broke to buy weed!

i feel my restless imagination and desire to walk 15 miles a day may soon kill me. if fact, i am more concerned that someone will shoot me with a medium-calibre bullet, jealous. i am trying not to preach, but i have had the past 3 weeks to ponder life and death and the pleasantries therein.

i dont want to make labels for my philosphies or thematic essays, but i do want people to read them and contemplate things -- like their relation to friends, family, the sun, the moon...

i will be in chicagolake for sometime now. i have a few more trips planned, then i will be touring for 2 months before this year decides to end. i have 2 books written, which will be released next spring (graveface press material). bradley and i are about to become infamous. jamie and i are about to become.

i feel like an esoteric piece of shit. goodnight...